Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Emma Bridgewater.

Okay, a couple things you don't know about me and maybe one you do. First, I'm a black tea with milk addict. Second, I subscribe to way too many magazines and I love every one of them. It makes my day when one arrives in the mail. Everything stops, I immediately put the kettle on, sit down with my magazine and peruse every page. And finally, I collect Emma Bridgewater pottery from England. I used to live in London and discovered her and her husband working in their little shop on Fulham Road back in 1989. Now she graces the pages of many magazines herself, has four shops and is actively traded on ebay.
My Spring 2009 Bridgewater catalogue arrived today and there on page 15 is a mug which reads, "Happiness is a cup of tea & a new magazine." I don't care what the current exchange rate is, I am placing my order immediately!

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