Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer!

Or, more aptly titled, "Where's summer?" here in the Pacific NW.
I slept with a wool blanket last night!
Maybe we'll actually see the sun today.


EverydayMe said...

Happy first day of summer!!! It's been hot here... but the nights... a bit cold... which is sooooooo nice to sleep in after a hot day. Your garden looks fab... just love flowers... oh to have a green thumb... I'm still trying!!! Have a lovely Monday... I'll call you this week when I get a chance... Rainee has a busy week of last week of school things... which means mom does too!!! Talk to you soon!
{{hugs}} Michelle

Anonymous said...

seriously, this weather! my little bush bean plants are exactly the same size they were 6 weeks ago....just mere inches in height, poor things. grow little plants, grow!