Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last week I read a movie review for Rob Reiner's new film, "Flipped." Sounded good so I thought I'd find the book at the library and read it. I was slightly embarrassed when I went to adult fiction to find it and didn't, then to YA, no luck. So I went to the librarian and she told me I would find it downstairs in juvenile fiction. I hadn't been downstairs for probably six years. Well, without making any excuses for reading below my grade level I checked it out, and devoured it. I loved this book. Hope the movie does it proud. Comes out on August 6th.

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EverydayMe said...

I want to see this... and now that I know where to look for it at the library... I'll be checking it out too... can't wait... I need something good to read... thanks!!! have a lovely Tuesday....
{{hugs}} Michelle