Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Also at the Bowers...

There was a wonderfully curated show, "The Lure of Chinatown: Painting California's Chinese Communities." Here are just a few of the pieces I liked…

 "Last Days of the Dragon's Den" by Ralph W. Hulett 1951

 "Chinese New Year Celebration" by Jake Lee 1965

 "Chinese Bazaar" by Jade Fon Woo 1955

 "Chinatown Market" by Jack Laycox 1955

 "Children Setting Off Firecrackers" by Robert Frederick Blum 1890

"Suey Chong Company" by Ken Potter 1972

My photos do not do these paintings justice. I couldn't use a flash and it was kinda dark in there. You really should see them in person. The show is up at the Bowers Museum until August 31st if you happen to be in Southern California. I recommend it!

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Leslie said...

I recognize those street corners!