Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aunt Sophie

My Aunt Sophie would have been 89 today, but she passed away this year on Mother's Day. She was quite a woman. I pray I have a bit of her vim and vigor in me all the way to the end. Her body was seriously failing near the end of her life, but her mind was all there. And even though she was in so much pain she got herself up and dressed everyday. Nothing could keep her down!
Family and friends have some wonderful Aunt Sophie stories, but one of my favorites happened not too long ago. She lived in North Hollywood and one day just after pulling out of her driveway, a man approached her car window and asked for some cash. She pulled out her wallet to give him a couple of bucks and he grabbed for the wallet. Well she held on to that wallet, but so did he. So she bit his arm! He gave up and she won, mind you, at 88 years young!
Below is a stained glass piece she made for me about 25 years ago.
Ja cie kocham Aunt Sophie!

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