Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Vintage" handmade ornaments.

My mother made these ornaments for me in the 70's. I still love them! And they are still in great condition. Aren't they cute?
It's scary to use the word "vintage" on some of my very own original possessions, but I guess it's a fact, these possessions of mine from the 60's and 70's are old. And of course when I go into an antique shop I see so many things that I wish I had kept. Like when my friend Pam came up from Portland and we went to the Pyrex Museum in Bremerton. She blogged about it before I had a blog...check it out here. Check out her whole blog, "One Gal's Trash"'ll see she has a wonderful eye for all that vintage stuff.


one gal's trash said...

Love the mom made one for me too, but in PINK! She is on our tree every year. We call her the G.D. angel. There's a story...I'll tell you someday!

EverydayMe said...

It's funny how the things of our past our now 'vintage' - and yet it seems like yesterday for us... especially since... I don't feel vintage...

The ornaments are so cute... definitely a treasure to pass down to your kids. It's funny being so crafty myself, I don't have anything from my mom... I don't think she ever did a craft... just paintings.

Anyway, I'm rambling...they are lovely and very special...
Hugs. Michelle