Saturday, February 28, 2009

College basketball.

OMG! I just watched one of the most exciting college basketball games of the year (so far). Washington State University hosted the 14th ranked Arizona State Sun Devils. With two seconds left in overtime and down by one, Taylor Rochestie hit a three-pointer for the win 51-49. It was the final home game for the Cougar seniors making this overtime win even sweeter! It was so awesome. Congratulations Cougars.
And oh, the Huskies won too, beating U of Arizona 83-78.
I'm ready for March Madness!


one gal's trash said...

I had no idea you were so sporty. Basketball?? And you know the team names and everything! I may have to re-think this whole friendship after all...Love and xoxo

JustJoan said...

Yes it's true. I am a big sports fan. I love college basketball. Growing up I was a huge baseball fan. I still like it, but don't go to the games or give it much attention anymore. Huge salaries, favorite players traded, steroids, cheating, etc has ruined it for me. Love you too Pam and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today, March 1st.