Tuesday, February 3, 2009


With Valentine's Day approaching I thought I'd share a little story about my Great Aunt Gert. When she died in the early 70's she was still doing some of her laundry on this washboard (maybe even all of it). She was my dad's aunt and when it was time to clean out her house my dad's sisters took most of her belongings, but asked my mom if there was something she wanted. All she took was this washboard. It was the 70's so she stained it, painted the design and hung it in our kitchen. After a couple of months this perfect heart appeared on the washing part right around Valentine's Day....Aunt Gert's birthday!


one gal's trash said...

Great story!
Hope you are getting some sun up there...it feels so glorious!

EverydayMe said...

What a lovely story... it's just so sweet... Hope you're weeds didn't get the best of you...

{{HUGS}} Michelle