Monday, February 9, 2009

In circles.

This is how my head feels right now....a million thoughts circling my brain....parents, money, job, kids, house, clean house, snow, time for art, no time for art, groceries, garden, spring break, Obama, auction donation, dog needs walking and on and on. Today I strive for simplicity and a moment of meditation.
I made the plate at Dancing Paintbrush on Bainbridge which is now closed, victim of this ecomomic downturn I'm guessing. :-(


Ashley said...

I love your plate!! We noticed that Dancing Paint was closed, to our sadness. I guess it's a trip to the one in Poulsbo if we want to paint anything else.

Dizzy Little Kingdom said...

Hey, YOU! Forget designing cards!! You should be designing dishes and pottery. I love this plate - please tell me you made TWO ;-)

Love ya,