Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work.

It was a nice weekend. We had a quiet Thanksgiving, which was so relaxing. Then on Black Friday (after the IndieBanditas Bazaar of course) we cut down our Christmas tree. It's been our tradition since moving here in 1997. It was a gorgeous day...very chilly, but lots of sunshine and blue sky. Here are the kids going to the warming hut for some hot cider.
After a few days off I'm heading back to work today. This next month is going to be crazy as I am in retail....mind you, Island-style retail. No opening at 5 a.m. or getting trampled by the crowd. No coupons, special ads or discounts. It'll just be busy and crowded with our faithful "shop local" customers. AND we have a post office in our store to add just a few more people. I'm looking forward to being part of the holiday hustle bustle.

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EverydayMe said...

How fun... I wish we had a tree lot we could cut down our own... we don't even get a real one... they've gotten soooooooo expensive... my dad before he went to South Dakota bought us a really nice fake one... it's not the same... no wonderful smell... no needles dropping... but also no shock at the cost of how much we spent... doesn't matter... it's a Christmas tree!!!

Rainee and I put it up on Friday, and did lights on Saturday... and decorated it on Sunday... I want her to enjoy the whole process... she has such a great time...

Enjoy your day... don't work too hard... {{hugs}} Michelle