Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last stop: Estepona, Spain.

After such a whirlwind month of traveling, I planned to spend my last four days at a condo on the south coast of Spain just relaxing before flying home. It was a perfect way to wind down. I walked on the beach every morning before it got too warm, and I ate, drank and slept a lot! I've been home almost a month and I still feel a bit of Europe in me. It's been fun to sort through my photos and continue to savor it.

 ^That's the Rock of Gibraltar in the background to give you an idea of where Estepona is...not far up the coast from Gibraltar, on the Mediterranean side. 

The view from the condo at different times of the day...

We took a very worthwhile little day trip up to the hillside town of Ronda...

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