Tuesday, October 20, 2015


From Bilbao we drove to Porto. It was our longest day of driving, which was about seven hours, but that included almost an hour of trying to get out of the city. We got stuck in a one-way system and passed the same buildings three times! At the time, we were all ready to cry, but we can laugh about it now. We loved Porto, unfortunately our second day was super rainy and curtailed our sightseeing a bit. So off to Lisbon in the rain. It was only about a three hour drive and the roads and Portuguese drivers are great.  Finding our Lisbon apartment took some effort, but Isabel was awesome on the GPS, we found a nearby parking garage, and Peter figured out the trick to opening the apartment front door. Up two flights of steep, narrow stairs, another coded door that opened to the most wonderful, spacious, light-filled and quirky apartment. My bedroom was up another narrow set of stairs, but it was so worth the climb! I celebrated my 55th birthday in this fabulous city and it was my favorite stop on my month of travel. A few pics...

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